Saturday, 11 October 2008


The real Turkish tea  ( CAY )is made by brewing it on the stove with 2 teapots. Large pot at the bottom is for only water and has to be well boiled, second one on the top is smaller in size and it is for tea leaves. We boil the water and pour it in the little pot and let the tea brew for 10-15 minutes minimum in the low heat. Making sure the pot at the bottom is half full with water  at all times. After 20 minutes or so, tea is ready for serving. It is served black in small glass cups. It is full  flavored strong black tea which you can adjust the strength to suit your taste. Pour some strong tea in the cup first about 1/3 full then top it up with hot water for a perfect cup of tea.
Most of the  tea plantations are in Rize and Trabzon in the black sea region. First tea factory was built in Rize in 1947.
Also, one of the common sights in Turkey is 'Tea Houses' where you can see people sitting and enjoying the fresh brew and catching up with daily news. Also good  place for the community to exchange ideas,  find out what is going on and to talk about  future events in town.

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