Monday, 5 January 2009


Grand Bazaar ( Kapali Carsi ) is one of Istanbul's most intriguing sights, with 4 thousand shops, 61 streets, 10 wells, 4 fountains and 2 mosques along with cafes around the old Bedesten. Grand Bazaar has been an important trading centre since 1461. It was constructed by Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmet 11, in the 15Th century. This maze of winding alleys has been a trading centre for more than 500 years.
Over the centuries, the visitors to Istanbul have found the exotic atmosphere of grand bazaar irresistible. Today gifts and souvenirs seem to dominate with the rugs and jewellery a close second. Some tradesmen still tend to group together along particular streets to do their trading.
A leisurely day spent exploring the bazaar, bargaining for purchases, sitting in one of the cafes and watching the world go by, is the perfect way to recapture the romantic atmosphere of OLD ISTANBUL.

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