Friday, 21 November 2008


Turkish carpet weaving is one of the most ancient crafts in Turkey. Historically the Turks were among the earliest carpet weavers. It dates back between 4Th and 1st centuries BC.
Konya ( The Selcuk, capital ) was the center of carpet production in 13Th century.
Isparta is another city which is very famous for handmade wool and silk carpets, today amongst many other cities which are famous for their own type of carpets.. I was born and brought up in Isparta region and proud to say  that, as a young girl, I used to enjoy sitting and helping my big  sister weaving beautiful carpets. The wool  we used, was  also dyed and hand spinned  locally. Carpet weaving, something we all had to learn as we were growing up.
All the girls in rural Turkey, make their own wool or silk carpets for their dowry. It takes one person 3 months, to finish one carpet by 2 m x 3 m sq.


Anonymous said...

Beatiful carpets Fahriye. How long would it take to make one of those do you think?

Fahriye's Kitchen said...

Thank you sportylise!. It takes on average, 3 months to make one carpet, with one person weaving. But mostly 3 or 4 women sit to weave a carpet so they finished it in one month.