Sunday, 31 January 2010


I grew up on home made yufka ( filo pastry ) always made at home dried then stack together in big bundles to use as needed. Filo pastry is made using long thin ( 80 cm long , as shown above) rolling pin called OKLAVA. They will be available in continental food stores. Yufkas made using oklava then cooked on large pans called SAC. Just before dinner water sprinkled over the dry yufka, covered then after 5 minutes, it is folded it and ready to serve as bread. Since I don't have SAC to cook my yufka, I dried them for about an hour on the table then cut into portions and froze them for later use. If you are going to make boreks you can use it after 30 minutes of making the pastry. For baklava the yufka is even thinner and corn flour is used when rolling the pastry. If you are freezing the yufka, sprinkle cornflour between the layers before freezing to prevent sticking together. Ingredients below makes 5 yufkas.
  • 1 cup of strong bread flour
  • 1 cup of ordinary plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • Plain flour for dusting, during rolling the filo.
1) Mix salt with flour and make a soft dough adding the water slowly. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes then divide into 5 equal pieces. Cover the dough with damp tea towel and start working on each dough.
2) First roll the dough with the rolling pin about 20-25 cm in diameter. Then using oklava roll out the dough by pressing down on the centre of the dough with oklava and pushing it towards the outer edge then pulling it back toward you. Sprinkle the both size of the dough with plain flour during this process.
3) You should achieve 50-60 cm in diameter, round filo with this size of the dough which is 80 gr each ( about size an a large egg ). If you never tried making filo pastry using oklava before, it can be daunting and you will get better with practice. The pastry is usually as thin as a A4 paper and even thinner for baklava filo.
4) Once you rolled all 5 dough into filos, let them dry out for an hour or so then it is ready to use, whatever you want to make with them, boreks, filled filo parcels, spring rolls... etc.


Christina said...

A wonderful and useful post! Thank you!

gill said...

Thanks for this recipe Fahriye!! I lived in Istanbul for 6 years but I'm now in Italy where very little 'foreign' food is available. I used an old thin curtain pole to roll the dough out and it worked well!! Luckily you can get feta cheese so I'm making some sigara borek with it.

gill said...

Thanks for this simple recipe Fahriye!! I lived in Istanbul for 6 years but am now in Italy where it's difficult to find anything but Italian food! I made 2 large yufka by halving the recipe and have made some sigara boregi with feta that you can find here! I used an old thin wooden curtain pole I had in the garage for rolling out!!

Fahriye's Kitchen said...

Thank you very much Christina..

Fahriye's Kitchen said...

Hi Gill, I am so pleased that you managed to roll the yufka with a curtain pole lol!!! That is very clever indeed. Well done. I love sigara boregi too!! It is so quick and easy to make, once you have your yufka.

Emine Yağdiran said...

Thank you so much for this! İ was looking for the recipie for a long time as i cant find phyllo pastry here. Excellent thank you.

Fahriye's Kitchen said...

Thank you Emine and enjoy...