Saturday, 21 June 2008

CHEESE SPRING ROLLS ( Sigara boregi )

  • 3 Sheets of jus-rol filo pastry
  • 100 g cheese, half feta, half Edam, grated
  • 1 spring onion ( optional ) chopped finely
  • Handful of fresh herb of mint, parsley, chopped
  • Black pepper
  • Oil for frying.
Separate filo sheets. Cut each sheet in half diagonally to obtain a squire shape. Then fold them across to a triangle shape. ( This will make 6 triangles )
Grate the Edam cheese, mix with chopped herbs and the spring onion. Add crumbled feta cheese, mix it altogether in a bowl. Season with black pepper.
Divide the cheese mixture between 6 triangles, placing it on the filo. ( long side ). Fold in each side then roll it up tightly towards the last point, forming a log shape. Dip the ends in water to stick down the rolls.
Shallow fry them in a frying pan in a medium hot oil , until the pastry is golden brown on all sides. Drain them on kitchen paper and serve while it is warm. MAKES 6.

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